IPscan - the online IPv6 Port Scanner

Online IPv6 Firewall Tester (Port Scanner)

Welcome to my open source online IPv6 Firewall tester. For further background information, debug suggestions and screenshots of the typical results pages please visit my IPv6 Port Scan wiki. This service supports the testing of any internet-connected IPv6 host, irrespective of your IPv6 provider or device operating system.

So far over 48867 IPv6 host port scans have been completed.

Please ensure that you have read and accepted the important terms and conditions of usage before continuing. If you don't currently have an IPv6 connected host then try a tunnel broker like HE or SixXS.

About to assess your host's connection to this webserver:

Your HTTP headers suggest that your machine is not behind a proxy, but the request for this page was made using an IPv4 address and so your machine cannot be tested :

Your machine may have accessed this page using IPv4 if your DNS configuration is broken or your browser or DNS service does not correctly prioritise IPv6. If you believe that you do have an IPv6 host with a global unicast address (2000::/3) then you may click on this alternative address link to try again. If you need further debug assistance then please see my IPv6 DEBUG suggestions.

Please return when you have a valid IPv6 address to test. If you believe this result to be in error, OR you would like to test a proxy host, then please email me.